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If the people of the world cannot ensure the survival of the rhino species, then what hope do the many other species have? The rhino is iconic, part of the Big 5 and a source of significant tourism revenue - arguably one of the most recognised animals on earth and yet it is being poached and butchered to the point of extinction.What are we doing in our effort to win the battle for rhino?

  •  We have developed the best rapid deployment UAV available. This allows us to own the day and the night in order to locate and engage poachers. 

  •  We are providing anti-poaching expertise, defining area-wide anti-poaching and security strategies.

  •  We are working with government and other conservation efforts in defining strategies, plans and actions to combat poaching on a national level

  •  We are continuously evaluating and testing new technologies which may enable improved surveillance and anti-poaching efforts.We simply have to win the fight for rhino.

Threatened Species: About Us


We are in the process of reforming the Predator Cat group within SPOTS - a group which will focus its attention primarily on the canned lion hunting and illegal lion bone trade. In so doing, we will commit to raising awareness as to the plight of other predator cat species, leopard, cheetah, serval, caracul etc.

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Threatened Species: About Us
Adult and Baby Elephant


We are monitoring, with growing concern, the increase in elephant poaching in our neighbouring states and other African countries. Illegal ivory trade is on the increase and we believe that we will witness its escalation within the borders of South Africa in the not too distant future.We stand ready to combat it when it does. Here, in particular, the strategies, bush based human resource capabilities and the technologies which we are using to combat rhino poaching will immediately be deployable to combat elephant poaching.

Threatened Species: About Us
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