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Striving to protect and conserve

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Strategic Protection Of Threatened Species is a registered non-profit company.

Many years of conservation proceeded the formation of our conservation company, SPOTS. Previously we focused on the preservation and protection of predator cats, but as we started to witness an increase in rhino poaching we decided it was time to focus our efforts on fighting against poaching of all endangered/threatened species.

Having a strong military background gave us significant value to add to our own unique anti-poaching strategy. Through the formation of SPOTS we began to embark on our own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program. 

Our anti-poaching operations management of Entabeni found that insurgency onto the reserve dropped by 80% due to our presence in the area.

In the southern portion of the Selous Game Reserve our Air Ranger played an integral part in the elephant anti-poaching operations for more than a year. 

Our Air Ranger UAV has developed into an industry-leading aerial anti-poaching platform. It has enjoyed successful testing and operational deployment in areas such as the Kruger Park (first deployable model) to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania (fourth model). Each model has been added to and improved the capability and performance of our UAV.

We are now on our successful sixth model. It is an ongoing development to fine tune the technology to perfection (which we are striving towards everyday).

Years of experience, skill and dedication has proven to be successful in the mission to protect and conserve the threatened species of today. We believe that with constant development and involvement from those who have the same mission as us, we will result in many successes against the poaching of our threatened species.  

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