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Conserve | Protect | Innovate

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Passionate | Conservationists | Strategists

SPOTS is a registered conservation company focused on the conservation and protection of any and all threatened species while utilising the latest technology and anti poaching strategies. Our Mission is to ensure we use our expertise and UAV to produce results which reduce poaching. Our Vision is to bring together conservationists, governments, individuals and business in a combined effort to end the destruction of threatened species.



Changing Conservation Methods through Innovation



SPOTS anti-poaching operators are well equipped, well armed and skilled in many aspects including counter insurgency, bush craft and bush warfare, tracking and hot pursuit, and intelligence gathering. SPOTS enjoys a huge amount of energy and commitment, and nothing will prevent us from truly making a difference to conservation in Southern Africa.While SPOTS is mainly focusing on the current rhino poaching problem, we will keep working on other projects as time allows.


SPOTS utilizes the latest technology in the form of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's). Through our investigations and evaluations, we have created our own South African solution: a lightweight UAV that can perform the job of a virtual game-ranger in the sky, meets with our unique operating conditions and provides the flight, imaging and communications. SPOTS endeavors to create strategic links between initiatives where sharing common technology, methodology, information or intellectual property may improve the effectiveness of conservation.

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Become a SPOTS supporter by donating today. You can donate however it best suits you. Your time, skill set and funds are greatly appreciated from us and those who we stand to protect. Give us a thumbs up on Facebook to follow the latest updates or brows our store to donate funds to protecting our threatened species.


“Welcome to SPOTS - and long may our fragile wildlife resources benefit from our combined efforts and commitment.”

- The Team