Our Approach

SPOTS is a registered non-profit conservation company.

Strategic Protection Of Threatened Species - SPOTS is a registered Section 21 Conservation Company (Registration # 117-614 NPO) focused purely on the conservation and protection of any and all threatened species.


Company Overview

SPOTS is involved in species specific conservation efforts – this with a strong emphasis on anti-poaching methods and strategies and the capture and relocation of “problem” animals.

SPOTS works with government departments in order to assist in the clear definition of strategic direction with regard to conservation in general.

SPOTS works with ethical research organisations in order to ensure that valuable information and research data be made available to those who can benefit from it.

SPOTS works with many other conservation groups, companies or bodies in order to improve conservation effectiveness and success.

SPOTS endeavors to create strategic links between initiatives where sharing common technology, methodology, information or intellectual property may improve the effectiveness of conservation.SPOTS works with the business sector in a collaborative conservation effort.

SPOTS operates in a responsible, decent and legally compliant manner, with passionate adherence to a set of values that encompasses:

  • Insight, intelligence and innovation
  • Pragmatism, straightforwardness and transparency
  • Equality, community and teamwork

Welcome to SPOTS - and long may our fragile wildlife resources benefit from our combined efforts and commitment.

With regards to SPOTS' current projects and meeting its objectives, it is accurate to say that given our mission statement, we will always be setting new goals and one sometimes wonders whether your objectives are totally met.What we can say in this regard, SPOTS enjoys a huge amount of energy and commitment, and nothing will prevent us from truly making a difference to conservation in Southern Africa.While SPOTS is mainly focusing on the current rhino poaching problem, we will keep working on other projects as time allows.